Palringo For PC

Welcome Palringo Fan Page!

Palringo is an instant messenger, based on a special dedicated server that allows you to connect with your friends through multiple platforms.  Palringo is ideal for gamers, as there are thousands of active chat groups for virtually every game out there! You can also share pictures and activate voice chat while playing on your computer and talk with people using their smartphones!

 Socialize With People!

Palringo is available for various messaging agents, such as Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Facebook IM, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and iChat. So gather up your friends to an all-in-one server based client, and chat with everyone at the same time!

Communicating with everyone is easy – no matter what platform they are using or where they are!

Palringo is compatible with Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Mac and Windows! Talk with your buddies from your mobile or use your computer, you can do pretty much everything with Palringo!

You can also use Palringo Local, an inner-feature which acts as a GPS which lets Palringo users check-in to various places manually, and then locate their friends. Palringo Local works through Google Maps, and it will display where your friends are, and how close they are to you!