Palringo Review

Palringo is an instant messaging client, a cheap one if you compare it with the other paid IM apps out there. Obviously, you would assume that with cheap comes conservatism in value. That usually is the case. And, with Palringo, unfortunately, that is the case. It’s cheap because it only provides just enough features to allow a user to stay connected, which is quite enough for most people. Why pay a bundle of money when you can stay in touch with your friends for cheap, using a convenient IM such as Palringo?

Now, you may have read a number of reviews singing praises about Palringo online. Lets start with the fact that Palringo is very user friendly and easy to use. Aside from that, what makes Palringo an IM app that is great to use?

Device Compatibility

Palringo has or rather had one thing going for it as an IM app – it was compatible with a myriad of mobile devices. Now, the word “had” and “was” is key here because Palringo recently updated its client compatibility list by deleting 3 highly used mobile device operating systems, namely Symbian, Blackberry OS, and Java ME. It also removed the Linux OS for PC as a compatible platform. With that update, Palringo is now only compatible with Microsoft Windows for PC, Mac OSX, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and the new Windows Phone 7.

Multi-Messenger Interconnection

Palringo allows users to not only connect to its very own network, which doesn’t really blast you out of the park in terms of number of users or communities, but also with major messaging networks such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, iChat or Mobile Me, Jabber, Gadu Gadu, Google Talk, and Facebook. It has no Skype, Twitter, or MySpace Integration, but that really is no biggie. The interconnection list is adequate in most people’s standards.


As previously mentioned, Palringo provides only the most basic of features in IM. Individual and group chatting, photo sharing, and simple buddy list management are the basic features you can expect. And, Palringo does deliver these features well. It also adds in an intriguing spice to the mix called the geo-location feature, which allows a user to tag his location and share it to his contacts regardless of messaging network. It is particularly useful for Facebook. But, that is basically it. It does not offer voice or video chatting or anything else that may make it more competitive against the likes of Fring or Nimbuzz.

User Interface

A bit cluttered. That is the best word to describe its interface. There are two much unnecessary spaces that constantly shows you information that you really don’t need at the moment. This makes the actual interface look small and crude. In fact, because of the wasted space, you can probably only see 3 to 4 contact names from the contact list.

Bottom Line

Palringo is a great IM client that is enough for pretty much any of your needs. It is well designed, although according to many users, has a major problem with reliability (certain IM networks disconnect for no reason and without any notification). Fortunately, that last problem can be fixed by a patch or update easily. Palringo away then!